Ravenscroft 220 VI

Ravenscroft 220 VI Lite

The Ravenscroft 220 Virtual Instrument is the result of a joint venture between Prime Studio GmbH, Austria and Ravenscroft Pianos, USA. With two outstanding companies taking two years in the making and recording over 185,000 samples, we present one of the most deeply sampled and realistic sounding acoustic performance pianos in the world.
This immense project began with the concept, design, and creation of the Custom Handcrafted Ravenscroft Model 220 Swarovski Edition Acoustic Piano in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. This 220 offers 7′ 3″ of exhilarating performance at your fingertips with an enormous full-bodied bass, clear lush tenor, and an exquisite singing treble. Characterized by the thoughtfully sculpted sound, the unique voice of the 220 is a complex blend of fundamental power coupled with precision clarity. An exquisite, handcrafted case completes the peerless work of art in every detail including the Swarovski designed crystal accent rings set into the iron frame.

The piano was then crated up in a custom flight case and flown across the pond to Prime Studio GmbH located in the beautiful Alps of Mils, Austria. Owner and engineer Gerhard Buchbauer brought his many years of experience to custom design and build this amazing recording studio with one of the most unique selections of rare, one-of-a-kind historical analog equipment, such as the famous Neve 8068 MK II Console, coupled with a diverse range of state-of-the-art digital equipment and vintage microphones. Prime’s reputation for artistic and technical excellence along with this acclaimed equipment and the incredible acoustics of Recording Room A led to the decision to digitize the Ravenscroft 220 at Prime Studio.
Taking over three months to record, every individual note sampled was played by human touch to ensure the sample would sound natural and not automated or robotic. To replicate the realism of the acoustic piano, each sustaining note was recorded from attack to silent infinity with many of the lower bass notes exceeding 2 minutes in natural duration.
The 220 VI offers real sustain pedal sampling, muted attacks, key noises, and pedal noises, reacting to continuous controllers for Una Corda, Sostenuto, and Sustain pedal performance. The Abendrot Everest 701 was used to synchronize and lock all of the digital equipment for the most precise digital clocking. Choosing the “Parquet” and blending in the LFE microphone position in conjunction with headphones offers you a true binaural listening experience.